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How to Ethically Set Client Confidentiality Boundaries
Ethical Confidentiality Boundaries continuing education psychologist CEUs
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— "Another interesting course. Thanks for continuing to produce and market these courses to allow for study at home."

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Step #1 FREE Preview of Questions & FREE Course Content! Click underlined Section 1 below to read Section 1. Question 1 is located at the end of Section 1. Then, click on the Answer Booklet link found at the end of Section 1 to answer question 1. Read Section 2. Answer question 2 in the Answer Booklet for this course and so on.

Step #2 - FREE Unlimited Scoring! After completing and scoring the Ethics CEU Answer Booklet a Certificate granting 3 continuing education credits for this Course is issued to you on-line. The Ethics CEU Answer Booklet gives you FREE scoring and anonymous unlimited trials.

Step #3 - How to Receive CE Continuing Education Certificate After you have paid for your course and passed the test your certificate is available for download in your user account located at onlineceucredit.com/user/ Coordinating Instructor: Tracy Appleton, LCSW, MEd

Outline of Topics - Transcript of Compact Discs
Section 1 & Question 1
--Track #1 - Ethical vs. Legal, Walking the Tightrope
Ethical Legal How to Ethically Set Client Confidentiality psychology continuing education

Section 2 & Question 2
--Track #2 - Ethics - 3 Confidentiality Boundaries for Self-Harming Clients
Section 3 & Question 3
--Track #3 - Three Concepts of Ethically Consulting Colleagues
Consulting Colleagues How to Ethically Set Client Confidentiality mft CEU course

Section 4 & Question 4
--Track #4 - Ethics & Controversy, HIPAA Hypocrisies
HIPAA Hypocrisies How to Ethically Set Client Confidentiality counselor CEU course

Course Manual of Articles

& Personal Reflection Exercises

Section 5 & Question 5
-- This course is based on the following Codes of Ethics: NASW, AAMFT, APA, ACA, and NBCC Privacy and Confidentiality Section, History and Evolution of Values and Ethics in Social Work
3 Key Legal Requirements and Considerations

Section 6 & Question 6
--Ethics and The Limits of Confidentiality
CourtLegal How to Ethically Set Client counselor CEU course

Section 7 & Question 7
--Ethics and Confidentiality in Death-Related Situations
Terminally ill How to Ethically Set Client social work continuing education

Section 8 & Question 8
-- The Challenge of Ethical Relationship Boundaries in Mental Health
Section 9 & Question 9

-- Ethics - The Gray Areas of Ethical Boundary Crossings and Violations
Section 10 & Question 10

-- HIPAA Privacy Rule and Sharing Information Related to Mental Health
Section 11

--Selected Readings Bibliography/Authors/InstructorsCourse Learning Objectives/Outcomes
Florida Psychology Laws and Rules Ethics Addendum

Ethics CEU Answer Booklet for this course.

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Psychology CEUs, Counselor CEUs, Social Worker CEUs, MFT CEUs

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