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Prevention of Medical Errors #2
2 CEUs Prevention of Medical Errors #2

Attn: Florida
This Medical Errors Course has been approved by the Florida Board of Psychology and is registered with CE Broker (# 20-500200) to fulfill your FL renewal requirement. Click here to view a second Medical Errors course that has also been approved by the Florida Board of Psychology and is registered w ith CE Broker (# 20-340957) to fulfill your FL renewal requirement. A separate course has been developed for Florida Social Workers, Counselors, and MFT's
(# 20-342542). CE Broker Educational Psychologists and Social Work, MFT, and Counseling provider #50-892

Steps to receive a Continuing Education Certificate for this Course
Psychologist CEs, Counselor CEUs, Social Worker CEUs, MFT CEUs | Medical Errors CEU Courses

Step #1 FREE Preview of Questions & FREE Course Content! Click underlined Section 1 below to read Section 1. Question 1 is located at the end of Section 1. Then, click on the Answer Booklet link found at the end of Section 1 to answer question 1. Read Section 2. Answer question 2 in the Answer Booklet for this course and so on.

Step #2 - FREE Unlimited Scoring! After completing and scoring the Answer Booklet a Certificate granting 2 continuing education credit(s) for this Course is issued to you on-line and by email. The Answer Booklet gives you FREE scoring and anonymous unlimited trials.

Step #3 - How to Receive CE Continuing Education Certificate After you have paid for your course and passed the test your certificate is available for download in your user account located at onlineceucredit.com/user/ Coordinating Instructor: Tracy Appleton, LCSW, MEd

Outline of Topics - Course Manual of Articles
Section 1 & Question 1 --Section #1 - Medication Errors in Mental Healthcare: A Systematic Review
Section 2 & Question 2
--Section #2 - Medication Error in Mental Health: Implications for Primary Care
Section 3 & Question 3
--Section #3 - Patient Safety: 3 Confidentiality Boundaries for Self-Harming Clients
Section 4 & Question 4
--Section #4 - The Attitudes and Beliefs of Healthcare Professionals on Causes and Reporting of Medication Errors in a UK Intensive Care Unit
Section 5 & Question 5
--Section #5 - Medical Error Prevention for Mental Health Professionals
Section 6 & Question 6
--Section #6 - Error Prevention: Preventable Medical Errors - The Sixth Biggest Killer in America
Section 7 & Question 7
--Section #7 - Root-Cause Analysis: Most Common Root Causes of Medical Errors -Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's Patient Safety Initiative: Building Foundations, Reducing Risk
Section 8
--Section #8 - Bibliography
Section 9
--Section #9- Appendix: Florida Regulatory Medical Error Amendments
Course Learning Objectives/Outcomes

CEU Answer Booklet for this course | Medical Errors CEU Courses.

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