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Autism Spectrum Disorder: Promoting Communication & Socialization Skills
Autism: Teaching Parents How to Prompt Communication & Socialization

Section 33
Appendix: Client Reproducible Worksheets

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Track 2 Compensating for Lack of Language
-Show a child an item, he or she attempts to say its name, you hand it to him or her.
-When the child can be shown an object and starts to say the word, don’t model the word for him or her.
-Turn requests into conversation.

Track 3 Echolalia
-Prompt the child to say, "I don’t understand."
-Reword questions if necessary.
-Add questions.  If you ask, "Do you want candy?" and the child says, "Candy," you can then ask, "What do you want?"  This way, comprehension can be ensured.

Track 5 Replacement Behaviors
-Ask the child at the end of the day if he or she behaved well.  If the child evaluates him- or herself positively, you can reward him or her.

Track 9 Simple Play for Toddlers and Preschoolers
-Buy and donate toys to the child’s school that he or she already knows how to play with.
-Borrow toys from the school overnight to use as teaching tools.

Track 10 Four Tips for Free Time at School
-Make rules and enforce them.
-Encourage the child to pair up with a buddy when doing things like re-entering the school after recess.
-Use a child’s fixation as a game.

Track 12 Five Parts to Making Conversation
-Prompt the child to initiate conversation.
Teach ‘Look!’ in connection with a natural reward.
-Teach compliments.
-Teach "What did you say?" to help the child learn to pay attention.

Track 13 Four Parts to Making Play Dates
-Start play dates short and work up to longer ones.

Track 14 Five Parts to Playing with Others
-Prompt play initiation.
-Teach turn-taking.
Prompt the child to say, "Could we finish the game later?" if he or she senses that he or she is becoming upset over a game.
-Teach positive reactions to winning and losing by using games in which the child is indifferent to the outcome.

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Autism: Teaching Parents How to Prompt Communication & Socialization

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