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School Shootings: Ethical & Confidentiality Boundary Issues
4 CEUs School Shootings: Ethical & Confidentiality Boundary Issues

Section 25
Appendix B:
Reproducible Client Worksheets

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The ACTION Technique
Review Track 1 for more information regarding this technique.
This technique is used in assessing whether there is a risk of violence significant enough to warrant breaching client-therapist confidentiality under the Tarasoff Decision.

1. A- Attitudes that support or facilitate violence. 
2. C- Capacity
3. T- Thresholds crossed. 
4. I- Intent
5. O- Other’s reactions and responses. 
6. N- Noncompliance with risk reduction. 

The Three Part Messages Technique
Review Track 3 for more information regarding this technique.
Client uses the following model for requesting a change in an adolescent’s behavior.
1. First, make a concrete, verifiable statement about the behavior you want changed.  No embellishments, no moral judgments. 
2. Second, state how you feel.  Use ‘I’ statements, avoid saying ‘you make me feel…’ 
3. Third, make a simple statement of fact that the adolescent can verify.

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