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Aggressive Driving Behavior, Anger Reduction Treatment
Anger Management: Treating Road Rage - 6 CEUs

Section 15
Anger-Reduction Treatment Reduces
Negative Affect Reactivity to Daily Stressors

Question 15 | Test | Table of Contents | Anger Management
Counselor CEUs, Psychologist CEs, Social Worker CEUs, MFT CEUs

Journal of consulting and clinical psychology

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- McIntyre, K. M., & Mogle, J. A., & Scodes, J. M., & Pavlicova, M., & Shapiro, P. A., & Gorenstein, E. E., & Tager, F. A.,& Monk, C.,& Almeida, D. M., & Sloan, R. P. (2019). Anger-reduction treatment reduces negative affect reactivity to daily stressors. Journal of consulting and clinical psychology87(2), 141–150.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Article References:
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What Cognitive behavior therapy treatment components might you use for anger reduction? Record the letter of the correct answer the Test.

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