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HIV: Effective Tools & Techniques for the Caregiver
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Section 18
State HIV Prevention Progress Report 2014

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The Flip Book below is from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

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- Dietz, Patricia M. ,DrPH, Amy L. Krueger, MPH, Richard J. Wolitski, PhD, Anna Satcher Johnson, MPH, Erica Dunbar, MPH, Lillian S. Lin, PhD, Samuel Dooley, MD, Donna Hubbard McCree, PhD, Shubha Rao, MPH, H. Irene Hall, PhD Dale Stratford, PhD, State HIV Prevention Progress Report 2014, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2014, p1-108.

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Table of Contents

The article above contains foundational information. Articles below contain optional updates.
Which people living with HIV are at higher risk for COVID-19?
Black people with HIV were significantly more likely to be admitted to a major London hospital with COVID-19 than other people with HIV, while in Madrid, researchers found that COVID-19 was diagnosed more often in people with HIV who had underlying conditions than others with HIV.
COVID-19 in chronic liver disease: advanced cirrhosis greatly raises risk of death
People with chronic liver disease admitted to hospital with COVID-19 are dying at a much higher rate than the rest of the population, figures collated by liver specialists in Europe, Asia and North America show. Advanced cirrhosis greatly increased the risk of death, the study found. People with severe cirrhosis were almost thirty times more likely to die after a COVID-19 diagnosis than people with chronic liver disease without cirrhosis, the figures show. The overall death rate in people with chronic liver disease was 39% among reported cases.
Prevalence of Mycoplasma genitalium in gay men equals that of chlamydia
The prevalence of Mycoplasma genitalium – an STI that many people have never heard of – among gay and bisexual men is comparable to that of chlamydia, Australian researchers report in Sexually Transmitted Infections.  Pooling the results of 46 international studies showed Mycoplasma genitalium infection rates of 5% in the urethra, 6% in the rectum and 1% in the throat. The prevalence was higher among men with STI symptoms and the rate of urethral infection was higher among HIV-positive men.
HIV 'morning-after pill' prescriptions have fallen sixfold during the lockdown
According to figures just published in The Lancet HIV, prescriptions for HIV post-exposure prophlyaxis (PEP) at the largest HIV and sexual health clinic in Europe, 56 Dean Street in London, fell from an average of 40 a week in January, to seven a week in April, after lockdown for COVID-19 was instituted on 23 March. This represents an 82.5% decline in PEP prescriptions, or a nearly sixfold fall.
Positive and motivational messages, not a focus on risk, needed for PrEP communications in South Africa
Young women in South Africa prefer demand-creation materials for PrEP that are empowering and motivational, according to a report from a project in a township near Cape Town, published in Gates Open Research. The multiple rounds of consultation with community members resulted in materials that did not focus on risk, prevention or even health. Instead, the campaign video emphasised young people’s control over their lives and being part of a generation that will end HIV.

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